The NOVA TechnologyTM


The NOVA TechnologyTM is a revolutionary process that enables the electronic collection of dry powder compounds. The NOVA TechnologyTM is protected by United States Patent No. 6,948,537 B2 and International Patent No. 1509450. Two instruments have been designed and developed for laboratory use.

The NOVA CCS Compound Collection SystemTM.    Fully automated compound collection system to handle round-the-clock collection, weighing and tracking of compounds. Replaces traditional manual collection; increasing accuracy and productivity while reducing compound loss and eliminating cross contamination. Collect small quantities ‘as-needed’ with reduced need for freezer storage.

The Electronic SpatulaTM, utilizes the Nova TechnologyTM in a hand-held device for manual collection of dry compounds – especially valuable for collecting those electrostatically-charged compounds that cling to the sides of the vial. Using the Electronic SpatulaTM, charged particles can be collected from the sides of the vial or driven to the bottom of the vial for collection = less compound loss.