Electronic SpatulaTM

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The first hand-held, electronic dry-compound collection spatula

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  1. Collect small quantities of dry compounds with safe, instant energy.

  2. Easy to learn, easy to use.

  3. No Cross-contamination. Inexpensive, clean, disposable collector pins prevent cross-contamination. 

  4. Extremely small surface area. The pin’s extremely small surface area limits the loss of product during compound transfer.

  1. Works with all labware. The standard collector pin length is 4 inches (101.6 mm) and works with most labware -  including the smallest of labware such as a 2D tube.

  1. Even test tubes....extend the pin length to 6-8 inches for longer labware.

  1. Versatile. Collect from, and transfer to, any size of labware.

  1. Two energy-control models available:  The completely foot-controlled Model e-STM and our hybrid hand & foot-controlled, the Model e-S3TM.

  2. NO damage to compound structure. Extensive HPLC and UHPLC testing results confirm there is no alteration or damage to the structure of the compounds.

  3. Designed to work well in static-rich environments. The Electronic SpatulaTM can collect ‘small amounts from small amounts.’ Effective manual collections can be made from the source container where the volume of a compound is very small, or where the entire volume is adhered to the sides of the vial due to static electricity. Collect electrostatically-charged compounds directly from the sides of the vial or easily move clinging particles to the bottom for easy collection.

  4. Compact and portable.

  5. Affordably priced with a one-year warranty.

  1. Features and Operation of the Electronic Spatula e-STM