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Nova CCSš Demonstration Videos

Clicking on the following links will allow you to view videos that demonstrate the Nova CCSš system. 

Video # 1: The Nova CCS in Operation

Video # 2: Nova CCS Collector Pin Change

Video # 3: Nova CCS  Small Quantity Collection

Video # 4: Nova CCS Large Quantity Collection

Video # 1: The Nova CCS in Operation...Windows Media  or  Real Player
(please choose your media player, and we ask for your patience while they load)
The narration that can be heard on the video is presented below:
"The Nova CCS selects the source vial. The barcode is read and the cap will be removed from the vial.

An optical sensor will perform preliminary level detection and then the vial will be placed on the source scale. 

A laser attached to the robot is utilized to center the collection pin over the source vial.

The destination vial is then selected. The barcode will be read; the vial de-capped and placed on the destination scale for pre-weighingÖThe servo, in conjunction with the scale, will utilize the collector pin to locate the exact level of the compound in the source vial.

The weight of both vials is recorded and stored. 

The source vial is lifted to the proper collection point and power is applied to the collector. The collection process will repeat until the amount collected is determined by the scale to be within the acceptable range. 

At that point, the compound will be transferred into the destination vial. The destination vial will then be re-weighed to again confirm that the amount collected is within the acceptable range.

Once the desired amount has been collected, the vials are re-capped and replaced in their respective racks. The used collector pin is disposed of below the instrument deck. A new, clean pin is selected.

The Nova CCS is now ready for the next collection."  

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Video # 2: Nova CCS Collector Pin Change...Windows Media or Real Player

Demonstrates the disposal of the used collector pin following the collection. The used collector pin is disposed of below the instrument deck.  A new, clean pin is selected in preparation for the next compound.

Video # 3: Nova CCS Small Quantity Collection...Windows Media or Real Player

Narration: "The Nova CCS has the capability to successfully collect compounds from source containers having very small amounts. The Nova can collect virtually all of the compound that is present in a vial."

Video # 4: Nova CCS Large Quantity Collection...Windows Media or Real Player

Narration: "The Nova CCS demonstrates its capability for collection of larger quantities. 

In this demonstration, the target amount was 20 mg, with a tolerance of Ī 1mg. 

the output log file for the destination scale gave the result for the first collection as 10.5 mg.

The collection will continue following the stabilization of the scales. 

The result of the second collection was 7.2 mg.

After the second collection, the Nova calculated the remaining need and adjusted the parameters for the next collection. 

The result of the third collection was 1.6 mg, bringing the total of collected compound to 19.3 mg."

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