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    Nova CCS  Frequently Asked Questions
    1.  "Must the compounds be transferred into special 'source' and 'destination' containers before collecting?"
    No, there is no need to transfer the compounds into special containers before you start to collect as the Nova CCSTM can successfully collect compounds from any type of container: large or small vials, tubes, flat surfaces such as plates, bowls, spoons, etc.…all without loss of material.
    1. "How long does the collection and dispensing take?"

    The actual collection takes only seconds. The entire process is limited only by the time it requires to handle the containers. The basic system with one robot can complete the entire process in approximately 1-2 minutes. (For those who haven't seen the video, the 'entire process' is selection of the container, de-capping, weighing, level detecting, barcode reading, collecting, dispensing, disposal of the used collecting pin, change-out of the collecting pin, weighing, capping and replacement of the containers) An articulating-arm robot will decrease the process time to approximately 1 minute. An option is combining the collector/dispenser with additional robots; dramatically increasing the number of compounds that can be handled.

    1. "Which physical/chemical properties do compounds have to possess in order to make the technique applicable?"

    According to the latest information that we have gathered the only property restrictions are:

    • Low moisture content,

    • The compounds cannot be metallic, and

    • Crystals should not exceed 2.0 mg each in weight.

    We have conducted successful tests with many different compounds and chemicals. In the event the Nova CCSTM  encounters a problem with a compound, the software system is programmed to insert a ‘flag’ in the output file that will alert the operator.
    1. "How do you avoid cross-contamination as some powder may be left on the rod after dispensing the powder?" 

    The Nova CCSTM  system uses a new clean pin for each collection. The used pin is automatically disposed in a ‘sharps’ container and a new, clean pin is picked up by the collector, thereby eliminating the possibility of cross-contamination.

    1. "What is the min/max amount that can be transferred?  If I want to dispense more than the maximum amount that can be transferred in one step, can multiple dispensing be made to the same container?"

    We have collected quantities as small as 0.2 mg up to 20 mg. And yes, as demonstrated in the video, the system’s software is programmed to repeat the collection process until the desired amount has been collected.

    1. How many source vials and destination vials can you load on the platform?

    The system can have hotels, stackers or just a large deck area. This design is very expandable and is ready to interface with even the most complex compound management setup.

    1. Is it necessary to determine/set any powder parameters before you can start dispensing?

    No. The only physical properties that must be pre-determined are that crystals should be no greater than approximately 2.0 mg in weight and that the material is not a solid.

    1. What about liquids?

    We are currently in development to expand the system to include collecting and dispensing of liquids and oils, using the same collector.

    1. What type of software does the system use?

    The software is primarily a C++ program.

    1. What about when there is only a very small amount of compound in the source container, for example less than 5.0 mg?

    In almost every case, the Nova CCSTM  is capable of collecting the requested amount of compound from a container as long as the 'requested amount' is present.

    1. Does static electricity adversely affect the collection process?

    No, static electricity has NO adverse affect to the operation of the Nova CCSTM.

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