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The Electronic SpatulaTM




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  • Will not damage compounds,

  • Easy-to-use 6-inch handheld wand,

  • Two energy-control options,

  • Works well in static-rich environment,

  • Can drive statically-charged compounds from sides of vial,

  • No cross-contamination with disposable collector pins,

  • Small product loss,

  • Safe, fast & efficient.

Innovate Engineering & Design, Inc. has introduced the first hand-held electronic dry compound collection tool. The operator-controlled 6-inch wand delivers safe, instant energy to a disposable pin, enabling the collection of dry compounds from any container...with no damage to the chemical structure of the compounds. The unit is offered in two energy-control options, one completely hand-controlled and one that is controlled with a foot pedal. Statically-charged compounds can be 'driven' from the sidewalls of containers for easy collection. With this innovative tool, the loss of valuable compounds can be dramatically reduced, productivity will be increased and cross-contamination eliminated.


Electronic SpatulaTM Demonstration Videos



Driving Compound From the Sidewalls

Using a Glass-Encased Collector Pin

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